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Hair Care

How make thin hair look thicker 

How make thin hair look thicker? How would you describe your hairstyle? Is it long or short? Straight or curly? If you answered yes to either question, then you might want to consider adding some volume to your strands. Hair growth is influenced by genetics,…

Hair Loss

what is the cause of hair loss? 

what is the cause of hair loss? Hair loss is common among women, especially those over 40, and it’s usually temporary. In most cases, hair falls out because of stress, illness, hormonal changes, or side effects from medication. Most people lose some hair during pregnancy….

Hair Care

Mesotherapy for hair 

What is Mesotherapy for hair? Mesotherapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Is it safe or effective? Hair loss affects millions of men and women around the globe. The causes vary from genetics to stress. There are also some…

Hair Care

How PRP Injections Can Regrow Hair 

How PRP Injections Can Regrow Hair? PRP injections are becoming very popular these days. They are being used to treat hair loss problems such as alopecia or baldness. What exactly does PRP stand for? And why should you consider using them? Hair loss is a…

Natural Remedies

Most 10 Plants Prevent Female Pattern Hair Loss 

Plants Prevent Female Pattern Hair Loss Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) affects millions of women worldwide. The condition causes thinning or baldness in areas where hair grows naturally. Female pattern hair loss usually occurs after menopause, but it can also occur at other times in…

Hair Loss

what type of doctor treats hair loss 

what type of doctor treats hair loss What Is Hair Loss? Hair loss is not just a cosmetic problem. While it might seem like a trivial topic, it can actually have serious health implications. In fact, there are many causes of hair loss, including: Androgenetic…

Hair Loss

is all hair loss alopecia 

what is alopecia? Alopecia is a medical condition where the scalp loses its hair. It can be temporary or permanent and it may affect only the scalp, or other parts of the body as well. There are many causes for this problem, including genetics, medications,…

Hair Care

5 Best Shampoos For Women With Thinning Hair 

Thinning hair is a common problem for women, especially those who are in their 30s and 40s. It’s not unusual to see women with thinning hair, but it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are many ways you can prevent or treat thinning hair. One…

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